All the academy’s cadets start with this robot, it’s very fast, but poorly protected. This is partly offset by its ultimate skill’s ability to steal energy from an enemy.
The experimental breakthrough robot: its limited protection is compensated by its high speed, excellent power supply capacity and a body type specifically made for melee fighting.
A robot designed to move quickly: its ring-like body consists of very sturdy, very well-sharpened disks, used not only for movement, but also for inflicting damage.
The ideal robot for the middle class: all of its parameters are well balanced. Unfortunately, while free of any shortcomings, it doesn’t have any acquired merits.
The breakthrough robot: is based on the latest research of the levitating platform “Others”. This sentinel can boast of good speed, and excellent protection.
Slow, but well-protected, it has an excellent power supply capacity. This robot operates extremely well in close combat, even against heavy breakthrough robots.
The average robot: is based on the technology of the “Others”. It has a large energy reserve, which allows it to jump across the map to catch up with, or escape from, the enemy.
A slow, but very well-protected breakthrough robot. Despite its colossal size, it only seems awkward, and if it is nearby, it’s capable of delivering no end of trouble.
The robot-tool: in the first phase of its transformation it is a robot well-rounded by its characteristics, but unremarkable. Secondly, it transforms into a huge tool.
The light scout-robot: was created according to the technology of the “Others”. It has a high speed of movement, an excellent power-to-weight ratio and heavy energy weapons at its base.