Good afternoon, cadet. Welcome to the primary course for the tactics and methodology of conducting combat. If diligent study of this course doesn’t save your life, it will permit you to die a little more educated person.

Navigation by map

The "Follow the player" mode on The "Follow the player" mode off
Press and hold the left mouse button to move the camera along the map. By default, the game uses the "Follow the player" mode: as soon as you release the mouse, the camera will automatically return to being an active robot. If you need to remove the camera from an active robot, turn off the "Follow the player" option in the game settings, or use the hot key, "P" In this mode, the camera stands apart from players’ movements, and will remain there, where you finished moving.
If you "get lost", and are unable to orient yourself on the map in the, free movement of the camera mode, use the hot key "P" or activate the "Follow the player"option in the game settings.
The direction and distance to enemies and allies is shown along the edges of the screen by arrows of corresponding color.

Controlling a robot

Controlling a robot’s movement
  • A — move left
  • D — move right
  • W — jump
  • W + A — jump left
  • W + D — jump right
Use jumps to move faster
Use the Jetpack Robot flight control
  • Spacebar + W — activates the jetpack
  • Spacebar + A — fly left
  • Spacebar + D — fly right
Control the robot’s flight with the A / D keys, without releasing the Spacebar.
Using a jetpack dramatically reduces your energy reserves, thereby reducing the duration of your turn.
To overcome large distances, adjust the flight altitude with short impulses from the jetpack.


Weapon selection
  • 1 - 6 — a selection of weapons in an ammunition box
If you cannot use hot keys, use the mouse to select the required weapon.
Aiming Fire
Use the mouse to point weapons at a target
  • Spacebar — to discharge a weapon
The Spacebar also regulates the force of the shot for many types of weapons: the longer you hold down the Spacebar, the more strength the shot will have. The discharge will occur the moment you release the spacebar, or automatically, as soon as the maximum magnitude of force has been reached.


  • 7 — Recover
The recover compensates for damage when it is used on yourself or on your allies. It is used independently of other special means.
Point the special skills sight and activate it by pressing the Spacebar.
The recover can (and should) be used whenever your robot is damaged – by maintaining the robot’s condition, you’ll prevent the enemy from dealing with you as an easy target.


  • 8 — Cutter
Instantly evaporates soft rocks. It is used for uncovering artifacts and for modifying the terrain.
Point the special skills sight and activate it by pressing the Spacebar.
The teleport and cutter cannot be used together in the course of one turn.


  • 9 — Teleport
Ultra-fast robot transportation. It is used for rapidly closing-in on, or cutting down the distance to the enemy.
Point the special skills sight and activate it by pressing the Spacebar.
All the special equipment on the shooting range is unlimited and absolutely free.

The ultimate skill

The ultimate skill
  • 0 или U — ultimate skill
You can use it every turn, or accumulate it for greater effect (skill can be accumulated). It must be accumulated carefully: firstly, accumulations are reset every turn, and secondly, you can lose some of what has been accumulated by confronting the enemy on the "WATCHER".
Point the special skills sight and activate it by pressing the Spacebar.
The standard robot is the “Zoich”, with which all cadets of the Academy begin their training. It is armed with a boomerang which, depending on the level of charge, deducts between 15 and 50 percent of the maximum health of the target, and at the same time restores the damage to the “Zoich” itself.
Proper use of the ultimate skill is one of the main recipes for victory in the party.


Capture of a beacon
In order to capture a beacon, you need to stand on it with your robot. Capturing a beacon consumes the energy (running time) of the robot.
To protect your beacon, stand on it with your robot. As long as your robot is located on its beacon, no one can capture it.
Capturing a beacon produces additional victory points.

Revival after death

Let's say, you died.
Over the course of the next turn, you may return to the battlefield. But, that’s all. Revival uses up all of the robot's energy, so neither movement nor shooting is possible. How to do it? You need to choose a spot for yourself on the map, on which you want to appear.
Hold the left mouse button down, drag and search to find a suitable spot for yourself (place the cursor so that the robot's silhouette is highlighted in green) and press the Spacebar».
Do not revive yourself in the immediate vicinity of an enemy - don’t give him an easy victory: he’ll be able to fire and you won’t.