Basic training
Welcome to the basic training course for the Steel Team tactical combat unit. Your common sense, which allowed you to read its instructions before starting to operate the robot, gives us hope in a bright future for humanity. Let's get started.
A special training course, consisting of several independent missions, was designed for acquiring the basic skills of handling combat mecha robots and standard types of weapons (those accessible to a cadet from the beginning).

A tip for launching the training course

On the main screen, select the "Special missions" option, and then activate the start of any available mission.
After the Academy’s battle simulator selects an available training area, it is mandatory to confirm preparedness in the corresponding interface.
In order to gain access to the next training assignment, you must pass the previous one with a minimum of one star. Evaluating the passage of any training mission is carried out according to the following criteria:
  • 1 star — passed the task, having fulfilled all conditions (destroyed all monsters, made it to the teleportation point).
  • 2 stars — fulfilled all conditions of the mission using only authorized weapons.
  • 3 stars — fulfilled all conditions of the mission using only authorized weapons, keeping within the required number of moves.
Do not be afraid of high ratings: when passing a 3 star mission straightaway, the cadet receives all the rewards authorized him (for 1 star, for 2 and for 3)


Each cadet is invited to go through this training assignment on their first visit to the Academy. If you refuse, you can go through it at any time in the "Special missions" interface. In the course of this mission, you will have to make your way out of an elevator shaft, and defeat two representatives of the local flora. However, some say that they’re fauna.
Over the course of the mission, the cadets master the primary skills of operating combat mecha robots , shooting and use of the ultimate skill.

The Technical Tunnel

The first real combat. Fortunately for the cadets, "Athens", do not like to leave inhabited areas, but are strong enough to knock a robot out of commission. To receive credit for this task, use only bombs and the ultimate skill.
Bombs (like any other weaponry that causes damage by explosion) are especially effective when they hit right next to the target. Try to aim under the enemy's feet to inflict maximum damage upon him.
The ultimate skill of the "Zoich" takes away some of the target’s health (the healthier the target, the more damage the boomerang will inflict) If you plan to employ a skill in conjunction with other weapons, then it's wiser to first use the ultimate, and then a weapon.

The Warehouse stock

"Rafida" — like "Athena" — is a vicious and powerful monster, a shot from which is guaranteed to knock a robot out of service. To obtain credit for this task, use only grenades and ultimate skill.
Unlike bombs, which explode when struck against any surface, a grenade explodes by timer (3 seconds after being triggered). Carefully calculate the trajectory of the projectile to ensure that the explosion occurs in close proximity to the enemy.

The Field Generator

Speed, and once again, speed. To receive a maximum score for this training assignment, the student needs to stun four monsters with “Lantern” type missiles, and get to the teleporting point in just 4 moves.
For the most effective use of missiles (like any weapon that causes damage with an explosion), it's better not to hit the enemy himself, but directly next to him.
For rapid movement around the map, in some situations it’s worthwhile using large jumps.
To overcome large distances, adjust the flight altitude with short bursts from the jetpack. This way you’ll save on the energy allocated for the excursion.

The Quarantine area

In this mission, the cadet is invited to get through the quarantine zone of a reactor, neutralizing the security robots. Making use of the fact that the robots move along a predictable route, the cadet is required to lay mines in their path.
When the hit is directly on target, the mine self-destructs, causing light damage to the target. For effective employment, the mine must be laid in the enemy's path of movement.
The mine laying kit contains two charges, each of which can be laid in different places.
After installation (on the following turn), the system for concealing the mine is switched on, so don’t be surprised that you don’t see it, and remember where it was laid, so you don’t blow yourself up.

The Reactor Hall

The main dangers facing the cadet in the reactor hall are the large open spaces above the energy barriers. If the cadet has fully mastered the use of the jetpack, the mission will seem simple to him. After flying over yet another barrier, you must use shrapnel to ensure the destruction of the “Elephant".
Shrapnel is contained in two rounds (each separately controlled). The sight shows the maximum distance and the angle of projection, therefore, to effectively knock out the target, use this weapon as close to it as possible.
To overcome large distances, adjust the flight altitude with short bursts from the jetpack. This way you’ll save on the energy allocated for the excursion.

The Cryosystem

To get through the cryocenter, the cadet needs to do just three shots. The originators of the course weren’t burdened by unnecessary sympathy in their attitudes towards the cadets: in addition to running into all the monsters (with the exception of the first one), it is very difficult. In this mission, the cadet must get acquainted with one important feature of sniper weapons.
The sniper shot is an experimental weapon that causes less damage to nearby targets. Make sure that you are far enough from the target to cause the maximum possible damage.
To overcome large distances, adjust the flight altitude with short bursts from the jetpack. This way you’ll save on the energy allocated for the excursion.

The Backup Power

In the reserve reactor, the cadet can again expect to run up against an automatic safety system. When using natural cover and energy weapons, the mission will not be particularly difficult for a cadet who has fully mastered the use of a jetpack.
The low discharge is an experimental energy weapon. It stuns an enemy behind a barrier without destroying the terrain.
The "Destruction" artifact substantially increases the effectiveness of standard weapons and the ultimate skill on the move following activation. Use them to fulfill the conditions of accomplishing the mission.

The Regeneration Area

The highest rating for this mission can only be obtained if all the "Tukan" robots remain operational. Use the ultimatum skill to shut down the energy fields, and a small caliber projectile tape in order to push the “Tukans” into a trap.
The projectile tape has a strong stopping effect, which not only allows for inflicting damage on the enemy at medium range, but also to tangibly move it (for example, in order to move it down).

Shooting Missions

These are a series of examinations for shooting certain types of weapons (bombs, grenades, rockets, sniper projectiles). To receive an evaluation, the cadet must hit 5 targets in the shortest time possible.
Before the beginning a shooting mission, make sure that you have enough ammunition of the proper type.