Artifacts are objects of extraterrestrial origin. Their operating principles and true functions are not clear in most cases. However, the collecting and processing of artifacts is an important part of the human economy. The legal status of artifacts, in agreement with the resolution of "Rescue", is heirless property. However, this status remains the subject of heated discussions. The largest artifact that has been found is the “Gate.”
Artifacts are divided into the categories of, those suitable for direct use, and those requiring further processing. Artifacts requiring processing are subject to be handed over to the laboratory of the Scientific Committee, "Rescue", in return for compensation. This is calculated depending upon the number of artifacts handed over and their type.
Independent trade, the manufacture and sales of counterfeit artifacts, as well as the smuggling and concealment of artifacts found, will be prosecuted by the law.
Artifacts that are to be processed are divided into "gold" and "silver." Color is the simplest way of denoting these artifacts: it’s easier to remember and more convenient to identify.
  • Silver
It is rather common, relatively low-power, and consequently, has a lesser value. Compensation for them is calculated in the Academy's standard currency.
  • Gold
It is not encountered often, but they have a significant reserve of energy. Compensation for them is calculated in gold units, and allows for gaining access to powerful weapons.
Artifacts that can be used directly are subdivided into entropic and temporal.
  • Time
A temporal artifact. For a few seconds it creates a temporal distortion around you, slowing down time approximately twofold. In practice, this means that from the moment you activate the artifact, you have twice as much time to attack.
  • Health
An entropic artifact. It reduces the entropy of all physical bodies, regardless of their origin. In practice, it increases the working life of the pilot and robot, repairing non-critical damage, and stabilizing emergency systems.
  • Destruction
An entropic artifact. It increases the entropy of all physical bodies, regardless of their origin. In practice, it sharply increases the power of an attack by any means - from physical to energetic.
Direct use artifacts do not conflict with each other, and can be used together or one at a time.