Contrary to prevailing opinion, we neither train heroes nor cannon fodder. A large portion of the graduates conduct their service on developed planets, rubbing shoulders with smugglers, mercenaries and illegal prospectors.

We only send the best of the best to the unexplored regions of the galaxy, in the hope that in the pristine depths of outer space, the Lord can better see those who need to be kept safe.

And all I am able to do is to offer them a prayer of the right caliber.
Commander Neil Forsythe, commandant of the SECA
Welcome to the basic training course for the Steel Team tactical combat unit. Your common sense, which allowed you to read its instructions before starting to operate the robot, gives us hope in a bright future for humanity.
Beta testing

We want to thank you for your interest in our game and to update you on our preparations for early access on STEAM. We have come a long way in order to make the game worthy of expectations and now hope to get assistance from everyone who likes artillery turn-based shooters to make our game the best in this genre.

We invite you to the closed testing of our game on STEAM.

We will be glad, if you glance to us and will try to play a couple of matches. Even if you will write in the heat of the moment (it will be awful,
if our play causes similar emotions) on our Discord channel: “Your game spoiled all thirty years of my childhood!”

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